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  • mIRC #NarChaD
  • [CSGO-PUBLIC] connect
  • [CSGO-WAR] connect; password narc1
NarChaD News
KGL Season 0 Week 3 Previews

Comments Comments (0) By England verb in General on Sunday 30 September @ 17:17


< rdg > vs NarChaD.CS:GO

Randagi picked up a great win last week putting themselves in the mix once again. They'll need another win today as a defeat today will almost certainly put them out of the reckoning for a top two finish. Even though their opposition may have 0 points, they can't think the game is won before it even begins and they'll still need to put in a solid performance.

Narchad have been on the end of two 14-16s and I'm sure they'll be very disappointed however it does show they are a good team and their position in the table maybe a little unkind for them. They are a good solid team and I wouldn't be surprised if they manage to sneak a victory today.

KGL Season 0 Week 2 Previews

Comments Comments (0) By England verb in General on Sunday 23 September @ 19:22


NarChaD.CS:GO vs CRG.Shengli

Narchad had a close defeat last week and they'll be disappointed with just the two round difference in it. They are a good team however and have bags of experience behind them so they'll know they have a fresh start today.

Shengli had the opposite emotion to Narchad last week managing a close win despite some very poor calls from Toad. Nuke always provides a great test for callers as they try to get past the CTs who are generally very well entrenched so it'll be interesting to see how Shengli can do.

Both teams are of a very similar skill level and I think this is one of the matches where the knife round is going to be key.

KGL Season 0 Week 1 Previews

Comments Comments (0) By England verb in General on Tuesday 18 September @ 22:38



MG haven't had the best starts to CS:GO but I'm sure they know what they can do better and there is nothing better than the pressure of a competitive season to put them back on track and to the way they were playing when they were back in nicey. They may have lost a bit their oomph towards the end of CSS and we'll see this season whether C:SGO can revitalise them.

Narchad have been around for ages (and a bit of KEA) with the same old ugly heads popping up. They have a fair popular public where you can usually find them playing but there is a difference between competitive matches and a bit of public. If they don't get distracted by GW2 then they have the potential to do well and this match will be a good marker for the rest of the season.

Narchad CS:GO public server now up

Comments Comments (4) By England Mark in General on Saturday 18 August @ 18:23

Gaming news

Just a quick note for people to find out IP for the new Public server:

20 slot, standard rotation. It still needs tweaking but we'll wait for proper configs and the game to be opened up.

Happy fragging.

Guild Wars 2 Starting 25th for Pre-purchase

Comments Comments (2) By England DeaDookie in Guild Wars 2 on Friday 17 August @ 09:53

Team News

Guild Wars 2 will be available to play for people that have pre purchased on the 25th Aug.

Don't worry too much about creating same races. We can meet up pretty quickly from any starting location and then level up.

Clan Plan! NarChaD way too quiet :)

Comments Comments (0) By England DeaDookie in General on Saturday 17 March @ 18:46

Gaming news

So obviously CSS isn't really played much anymore and I think after we finish this KGL league we'll hopefully have new things to look forward too! That and the fact at the moment we're not being the most socialable clan ever Laughing

Twinked out

Comments Comments (0) By England DeaDookie in General on Saturday 05 November @ 11:15

Clan News

Good bye to Twinks who's heading down under and thus won't be playing css with us pommy bastards anymore.

Welcome McLovin, Dee and Twink

Comments Comments (9) By England DeaDookie in General on Sunday 25 September @ 19:44

Cs Source News

Welcome to McLovin who has become our newest member and target for all insults.

Also welcome to Deewon and Twink the whiney little fuck wits.

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